Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Game on

I shall be taking a refreshment at lunchtime, so will miss the Public Accounts Committee session on the BBC, which is an away fixture for the MPs, at the BBC's Salford Quays premises. So far, I can't find plans for a live stream, and free tickets have all gone.

The MPs have given themselves room to manoeuvre on current and future projects: "The Committee will question a panel of senior BBC figures about the delivery of major projects, ranging from the relocation of BBC offices to the development of new online platforms like myBBC. They will explore how the BBC manages these projects so they are delivered on time and provide good value for licence fee payers' money."

Lord "Harry Kane" Hall will again be playing twin striker with Anne "Jamie Vardy" Bulford. Debutante Trustee Nick "Jordan Henderson" Prettejohn will hope to provide the through balls.


  1. Will they quiz Barren Hall of Birkenhead about BBC Studios, I wonder?

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  3. Good to see our Hon Members taking it seriously: MP wants olive oil on draught

    EastEnders gets hipster revamp:

  4. BBC finance and operations boss Anne Bulford said delays were sometimes necessary: “I think if you find that there are opportunities to do better with a project you are dealing with, you need to take those,” she said. “Delivering the wrong thing at the right time or carrying unnecessary risk or missing opportunities to get better value for money out as a whole, I think, would be a mistake."
    “Trying to encourage early, frank, honest reporting both of forecasting boulders in the road and opportunity. Very often the delay is improving the delivery or competitive advantage.”
    All very W1A - Anne Bulford, earns £395K


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