Friday, April 22, 2016


I confidently predict there'll be high anxiety in the scheduling cluster of the Radio 4 mothership this morning. The second episode of a new panel game called, presciently, Don't Make Me Laugh, went out last night at 6.30pm, just after a news bulletin cherished by Middle England majored on the 90th birthday of their Monarch - an entirely predictable event.

10 minutes in, host David Baddiel invited the panel to opine on why there was nothing funny in the fact that the Queen must have had sex at least four times. Russell Kane invited the audience to imagine four children emerging from Her Majesty's vulva. Adam Hess said the topic forced us to imagine the work of Prince Philip in the creation of those four children. It all sort of peters out after three minutes.

The show was made by So Radio, a branch of So Television, the company founded by Graham Norton and Graham Stuart, now owned by ITV Studios. Graham Stuart is billed as Executive Producer. It may well have been recorded at the end of last year, and have been through "compliance" then. But there's a difference between compliance and common sense. David Baddiel later tweeted "Thanks for all nice comments. Sorry to royalists about Queen round. R4 rescheduled, that episode meant to go next week".

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