Thursday, April 14, 2016


Broadcast (paywalled) has confirmed that Ralph Rivera is technically redundant in his role as Director of BBC Digital, though he is staying with Auntie for six months to work on "an education project". In theory, all BBC redundancy deals are capped at £150k.

Mr Rivera was hired in 2010 by Mark Thompson after a search by headhunters, costing some £78k plus VAT. Since then, he's claimed £19,309.40 on flights to the United States. In November, he claimed £4,500, which the BBC has briefed was to sort out his visa. He must have used a ritzy lawyer.

His current package is £307k. BBC executive payouts used to include standard terms of up to a year's salary depending on length of service, plus what became traditional payments 'in lieu of notice". Now there are limited to six month's pay, unless an exception is granted.

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