Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cry me a river

Busy times ahead for BBC Director of News James Harding, with cuts, simplification, and the Scottish Six stuck staring up from the in-tray, and all to be dealt with before Wimbledon.

One initiative he's sticking with is Newstream, channelling the River of News to your mobile device whether you like it or not. This comes as James' former employer, The Times has decide to return to "editions", and eschew a world that is constantly updated for a world that hacks take stock of and put in some sort of order.

Newstream is supposed to represent "a transition from rolling news to streaming news... bringing the expertise of our journalism into the palm of your hand."  But how many Poohsticks of Information will be floating under your iPhone bridge ? With 7,000 hacks and support staff contributing, who will decide what floats and in what order ?

More importantly, what will success for Newstream look like ?

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