Friday, March 11, 2016

Stop it

It seems possible, somewhere deep within Broadcasting House, ideally in a conference room called Workers' Playtime, the rump of a McKinsey team is even now shuffling post-it notes with the names of current BBC departments between columns marked Inform, Educate and Entertain. There may be a fourth column called Inspire. Please let it stop now.

OK, the current BBC structure is hopeless. And it would be good to find a positive way of shaking up the organisation. Inform seems to help News get 5Live back - but most of its staff are already on News' books. Ambitious Bob Shennan wouldn't mind being Supremo Entertainment, yet his ventures into telly, with Music Awards, haven't been a triumph. Is there really that much "Educate" stuff ? Where does Radio 4 fit ? If Radio 3 isn't entertaining, why on earth not ? Who gets Bake-Off ?

One of Lord Hall's first moves on his return was to restore Tele- to Vision, and turn Audio back into Radio. Gradely, lad, but stick with the common sense approach. Don't be seduced by Lady Heywood on this latest flummery.

With recent senior management defections, it's time to see who you've got left on the books, and deploy them sensibly. Mark Linsey, Acting Director of Television, is probably best moved quickly into Studios. You can't really promote Charlotte Moore further now. You need a Director of Content fast - someone who can control the unfocussed cascade of inconsequential yet expensive content being made right across the BBC because of the race to IP transmission and social media delivery. It's mostly tosh. Try this week's animated cartoon version of the Today programme headlines. Tell me how much it cost, and who authorised it. Act now -break the competing baronies of TV, Radio and Online in one go.

If Director of TV closes, so does Director of Radio. Helen Boaden's other job - as Director of England excluding London  - doesn't make sense in a new structure. Give her the chance to start this new era of Content control, with Emma Swain as number 2. First task is an audit of who's spending what on stuff that doesn't go via transmitters; then stop at least half of it. Job done.

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