Monday, February 8, 2016

Still emerging

Not much to glean from the December minutes of the BBC Trust. It does seem that at least some trustees are alive to the real risks of strategy supremo James Purnell's Compete and Compare mantra when applied so rigorously to network radio....

The Trust discussed with the Executive proposals to reform the content supply arrangements for BBC Radio by opening up around 60% of eligible hours to competition over six years following the new Charter. When considering any new arrangements, Trust members stressed the continued importance of the BBC’s in-house production in supporting the infrastructure of the radio production landscape, including the training provided by the BBC. The Executive agreed to bring further information to the Trust on the likely impact of the proposals.

And, surely, after all this time, the Executive's proposals for changes to content supply and BBC Studios ought to be stronger than "emerging" and "subject to further Trust discussion".

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