Monday, February 15, 2016


Patrick Foster, writing in the Telegraph, has either got hold of a draft synopsis of the next series of W1A, or Lord Hall has been mesmerised by Lady (Suzanne) Heywood of McKinsey into a restructuring too far.

This blogger is confident the role of a single Director of Content will finally be announced before the end of March. Mr Foster believes there will be a range of uncomfortable groupings below that, with daft titles.

"While the new arrangements are still under discussion, they are likely to include new divisions such as BBC Entertain – which would take in Radio 2 and the corporation’s televised entertainment programming, and BBC Inform – which would include news services, and radio stations such as Five Live.

Each overarching division would have subsidiary divisions such as BBC Youth, a mooted subdivision of BBC Entertain, which would include the online channel BBC Three, and pop music station Radio 1."

It's not too late, Tone - just have a single content board. It couldn't really be much bigger than the current TV board, if you cut out all the hangers-on. Groupings below that will only create new competing fiefdoms.

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