Friday, January 8, 2016

Trial by jury ?

Alan "Armslengthal" Davey could be up to his elbows in an employment tribunal, if the Times' Richard Morrison is right. The new, genial, folky Controller of Radio 3 is said to have terminated the contract of Stephen Jackson, director of the BBC Symphony Chorus, because of clashes with Paul Hughes, genial blogger and general manager of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

According to Mr Morrison, Mr Davey felt this was okay without the normal procedures afforded to staff in an exit, because the BBC deems Mr Jackson a freelancer. This despite 26 years of service in the role - hours of lawyerly fun to be had. And amusingly, Mr Morrison believes one of the clashes was over Paul Hughes wanting to spend more money on extra singers for a performance, and Mr Jackson arguing the works were well within the range of his talented amateurs.

We have the makings of an instant opera...

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