Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Legal, legal"

The Dame Janet Smith Review, running so long it's almost a brand now, better be sure of its ground when it says the final version of its findings will be very different to the leaked report in the hands of the hacks of Exaro - otherwise there'll be serious brand damage.

"That document is out of date and significant changes have been made to its contents and conclusions. The document should not have been made public and cannot be relied upon in any circumstances."

It is public, and the broad conclusion is that top BBC managers had no hard evidence of Jimmy Savile's vile activities - although they didn't try very hard looking. Worse, Dame J says it's even possible a predatory child abuser could be lurking in the modern BBC, with staff afraid to be whistleblowers.

The draft report shows an organisation apparently collectively looking the other way, from the Derek Chinnery/Doreen Davies interview of Savile in 1973 right through to the final Top of The Pops in 2006, co-presented by the DJ at the age of 79 - an opportunity to assault a girl aged 13 to 16.

0930 Update: Lord Hall says the BBC still hasn't got the final report.

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