Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Festina lente

Crikey, the pace of change in the BBC. At the start of July, 175 days ago, the Director General emailed staff...

"I’ve asked Ralph Rivera, Matthew Postgate and David Gibbons to bring together our teams in Technology, Engineering and Digital. And, that’s not just in the public service, but across Worldwide too."

Yesterday, we were told that Matthew Postgate will be the Chief Technology Officer for the new unnamed division (Digits, Widgets and Wires may stick), with a seat on the Executive Board, once he's actually done what Lord Hall announced six months ago. "With immediate effect, Matthew will lead the project to create the combined group".

Ralph Rivera's post, as Director, BBC Digital, closes. Ralph was hired from New York by Mark Thompson in 2010 (after fees to a recruitment agency of £78,400 plus VAT). If he actually goes, his package of £309,000 is a saving, though some may be lost to redundancy (capped at £150k ?). Matthew's old title, as CTO BBC Engineering (Technology, in the oldspeak of March this year), closes, but you'd expect his package to improve, from the current £232k. There's no word on the future of David Gibbons, Director of Global Operations, BBC Worldwide. Perhaps there'll be a salary discussion with Tim Davie about this diminution of his responsbilities - but I wouldn't bet on it. 

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