Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Morning all

They can't be that good, or he'd have tweeted them. The only overnight figure we have for Good- Morning-Britain-with-Piers-Morgan-all-over-it is from Monday, with an average of 610k viewers. It represents a 17% share of the available audience (which was set as the original first target of the most recent GMB relaunch). BBC Breakfast sailed on with 1.6m.

610k is, at least, up from the best average of Piers' trial run, at 591k. Like many part-time presenters, he may be disappointed with other weekday results - let's see what happens when Ben Sheppard returns Thursday and Friday. One other question - is he editing parts of the show as well ? Is the fact that cricketer-buddy Kevin Pietersen is to be a father for a second time really news ?

Meanwhile in Salford, no news yet of a long-term replacement for Bill Turnbull on the BBC Breakfast red sofa. Jon Kay, who spookily started at the BBC in Bristol at the same time as Susanna Reid, looks by far the most comfortable of the regular stand-ins, and some might wish he got the "big chair" rather than Charlie Stayt.

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