Monday, October 19, 2015


I have filleted John Whittingdale's speech to the Society of Editors for the BBC bits, so you don't have to read the rest of it.  This may be a section he has actually written himself.

The BBC is not the cause of the problems facing local newspapers. But it has not helped. Newspapers have rightly complained when the BBC has taken their stories and reproduced them without attribution. 

But the BBC’s declared intention to get more involved in local news coverage through collaborative work with local papers is welcome. Commissioning content about councils, courts and public services from local media outlets can support local newspapers and help to increase accountability. In fact, this is something the Select Committee proposed last year. 

That does not mean the BBC employing local journalists, which would further undermine local media. Instead the BBC would commission local news content from local news providers which would then be available to all media outlets. I am delighted that the working group set up by the NMA to take this idea forward is making good progress.

It seems David Holdsworth's 100 journalists idea is dead and buried.

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