Sunday, October 18, 2015


A Notting Hill schism of major proportions: Rachel Johnson, in her Mail On Sunday column, says bestie Alan Yentob must share the blame with Camila Batmanghelidjh for the collapse of Kids Company.

"It doesn’t help their case that the charity was run by the same people for two decades, while even at my small sports club up the road, nobody’s allowed to sit on the membership committee for more than two years in case they begin to think the place is their personal fiefdom."

"The point is not their generosity with their own money – Camila put up her flat as collateral, Alan gave £250,000 – but their carelessness when it came to other people’s. Ours."

"Why did the trustees and directors not ‘refresh’ the leadership, despite evidence that the CEO had lost her sense of accountability to her loyal and long-serving chairman? Where were they ?"

Perhaps Rachel should be reminded that some of the trustees seem to come from the Yentob-milieu, including Sunetra Atkinson, former BBC make-up artist and wife of Rowan, and Erica Bolton, of arts PR company Bolton & Quinn.

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