Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Many exciting uses

Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott will have thought through the risks of possible triangular identification of their pig whisperer.

They say the allegation was first made at a business dinner in June 2014, by a 'distinguished Oxford contemporary' in June 2014. This source, now an MP, repeated the claim a few weeks later, and then, after a matter of months, a biblical third time. The MP claimed there was photographic evidence, still held by someone named to Ashcroft and Oakeshott, and the MP knew the dimensions of the photo.

Oxford University, unsurprisingly, has produced a number of current Conservative MPs whose time in the city of dreaming spires overlapped with the Prime Minister. The include Michael Gove, Nick Boles, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ed Vaizey, Jeremy Hunt and Mark Field. Of course, Ashcroft and Oakeshott are unspecific about the party affiliation of their source.  More work to be done, and thence swiftly to a list of June 2014 business dinners....

  • Oxfordshire has many pig farmers, though the average population of the beasts in the county has fallen by over half since 1975. The county is home to the Oxford Sandy and Black breed, sometimes called the 'Plum Pudding' or 'Oxford Forest Pig'.  One of the UK's oldest breeds, it came close to extinction 20 years ago, but there are now herds all round the country. Pig's heads, traditionally used in the making of brawn, have featured in butcher displays in Oxford's covered market for years. The best price I can find online is with trendy London butchers Turner & George, at just £5 for a 4-5 kilo head. They note a pig's head has "many exciting uses". 

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