Monday, August 24, 2015

Not Mary

Chris Whitehouse, eponymous chairman of a Westminster PR consultancy, likes a little mischief-making.

He's commissioned a UK poll from Comres which apparently shows that 52 per cent of the public support the idea of replacing the BBC licence fee with advertising, even if it means reduced original programming or an end to the BBC’s public service obligations, with 34% opposing the idea.

He did the same this time last year, when 51 per cent of the public supported "Abolishing the licence fee and making the BBC fund itself, even if that means adverts during programmes, reducing the number of original programmes they can produce or scrapping their public service broadcasting duty". Again 34% opposed that suggestion.

In this year's survey, 41% positively wanted to keep the licence fee, up from 40% last time.

Chris is Conservative Councillor for the Newport West Ward on the Isle of Wight,

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