Friday, July 10, 2015


Apologies for being a little late on the case, but the annual report for MG Alba, running BBC Alba, came out in late June. It reports a weekly reach of 72.6% amongst Gaelic speakers, up from 72.4% last year, and above target of 70%. Reach across Scotland has fallen from 17.6% to 16.2%.

The report says MG Alba received £13.2m in grants from the Scottish Government, and £1m from the UK Government. The contribution made by the BBC isn't mentioned in cash terms, but the Auntie produces around half the tv programmes, in terms of hours. In 2013/4 the cost of that content was £5.2m. The cost per viewer hour across the UK stood at 6.4p - just behind the unaffordable BBC3, at 6.9p.

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