Friday, July 3, 2015

On yer own, chum

2 July: The BBC's Mark Mardell blogs about how he loathes the Prime Minister's idea of putting "so-called" in front of Islamic State.

Elsewhere on BBC News Online:

1 July: ....the case for attacking the forces of Isis or the so-called Islamic State not just in Iraq but in Syria as well [Nick Robinson]

2 July: Although the full facts of the so-called "Islamic State" assault on the Egyptian army in Sinai this week are not yet known. [Double-bubble there - shouldn't need both so-called and inverted commas - Ed]

2 July: Britain's potential involvement in the air campaign against so-called Islamic State targets in Syria...[Diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus]

2 July: The so-called Islamic State has said it was responsible for the attack....

2 July: A woman has denied being a member of the so-called Islamic State and encouraging terrorism....

Now, we're getting more sightings of the DG's apparent preference - Islamic State group.

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