Monday, June 29, 2015

Trust Top Gear

So Top Gear finished with 5.4m (23.2% share) in the overnights for BBC2, with a dry-stone wall-destroying race across Yorkshire moors and fields. It ought to be top of the monthly downloads when they're next out.

By the way, Editorial Policy, there is no web-listing for the North Yorkshire Carbon Management and Sustainability Trust, though the owners of Broughton Hall do note the success of a "Top Gear" charity fundraiser. And did you spot a cheery producer Oisin Tymon at the pub quiz, and in the show credits ? The 4x4 race was shot in January, before Clarkson had his moment with Tymon.

On BBC1, Strange & Norrell limped to a close with 1.7m (7.6% share).  Over on BBC2, Original American Drama Odyssey (are we still allowed to buy this sort of stuff ?) beat it with 1.77m (8.8%) over a double episode. I'll gamble that's its peak.

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