Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday FoI Factoid

A chart showing how much (though not all) the BBC spent on going to consumer electronic trade shows this year. It covers hotels, flights and expenses - but excludes admission fees, and, I think, costs for hacks attending, which the BBC claims are secret cos it's journalism.

A BBC spokesman said: “These conferences can play a crucial role in helping the BBC makes technological developments to improve BBC services so it is right that some engineers attend. It is typical for hotels to raise their prices when major events come to town and BBC staff, always seek value for money when deciding on where to stay, but often they have little choice on the matter.”


  1. Worthwhile remembering that one of the big issues with the BBC is that it can be argued to be myopic and arrogant: myopic since it never looks beyond its own estate, and arrogant because it thinks it always does things the right way. These costs, which are extraordinarily low, are hugely important - because they represent management being exposed to other ways of doing things, which may be more efficient and will certainly offer food for thought.

    CES is free to get into the exhibition hall. IFA is, I think, €10 for walk-ups, but I think is normally free. I've only attended Mobile World Congress as a speaker, so I wouldn't know.

  2. Good to know too, that we have such talented people (in the language of gobbledygook, that is) keeping an eye on our licence money....

    Closes soon, reports directly to Ian Fletcher in W1A.


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