Friday, May 8, 2015

In summary

Some media winner winners chicken dinners.

Professor John Curtice - stuck by the exit poll and his methodology of converting it to seats, in the face of early bluster from Paddy Ashdown, Alistair Campbell and the usual suspects.

Peter Kellner - first to call that Cameron was likely not to need a coalition partner.

Laura Kuenssberg - for shameless shifting from an apparent role monitoring social meda, to a sort of surrogate political editor.

Chris Mason and his team - for smart turnround sum-up packages on the hour

Sky News - for presenting with style and confidence in the field, throwing the ball around with pzazz.

ITN - for a measured sort of night, on a modest budget.


BBC - fear of longueurs meant they, as ever, packed their schedule with more stuff than they could ever really use.

David Dimbleby's hearing - not quite getting gallery instructions, attempting to hand to someone called Amina Ahmed, saying "I can't hear the returning officer" too often.

C4 - for thinking Richard Osman, who looked terrified throughout, is a master of ceremonies

Sky News - for their shadow, behind the scenes service on Sky Arts. All going well until we heard gallery editor say "Let's go back to the studio for a gang-bang". I hope it's their sort of shorthand for a political discussion.

Emily Maitlis - I bet she insisted that the buttons to change to the next graphic should be in the middle of her screen, so that she got into shot more. I'm thinking of developing a tv with the buttons in the middle of the screen.

Huw Edwards - with the overnight outcome, he faces hours hosting bootless, footling discussions.

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