Wednesday, May 20, 2015


BBC HR - the gift that keeps giving. "Appraisals" are being replaced by "Performance Development Reviews". A techie has questioned this on jargon grounds (I might have also raised printer ink as an issue) but has received short shift from Kate Sloggett, Head of People Development, in the virtual columns of the BBC's online organ, Ariel.

"We've changed the name to reflect the fact that these conversations shouldn't be just about one person 'appraising' the other's performance. A Performance Development Review should provide an opportunity to discuss a person's role and career in a honest conversation. We want staff to focus on their ideas and ambitions for development and how they might want to get on in their career as well as receiving feedback on their work over the past year."

No HR slouch our Kate (also known as Katie):  Here's what might pass for her self-penned PDR:

Accomplished generalist HR practitioner with specialist areas of expertise in organisation development (OD), change, talent and HR transformation; including HR capability. Expertise in leading the delivery of a wide range of HR solutions, both within organisations, internationally and across JV / partnership employment models. Commercial and highly credible when working at senior levels within and external to the organisation. Katie has a track record of identifying opportunities and creating solutions or change programmes that contribute to organisation success. Having benefitted from an operational leadership role, Katie brings commercial HR alongside a sound understanding of organisational value chains.

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