Friday, May 22, 2015

A rose is still a rose

As night seems to follow day, the BBC has renamed "Appraisals" as "Performance Development Reviews" - and the National Union of Journalists has put the matter into dispute, with a recommendation to members to politely decline offers to participate.  Personal Displays of Rejection ?

A succession of HR Directors has wrestled with this issue since 1995, with the unions arguing that there's no real transparency around how individual pay levels are set, and whether or not people should be rated as a result of a "review" over a tepid flat white once a year.

Helpfully, former HR Director Lucy Adams had a Damascene conversion shortly after exit from Auntie, describing them as a waste of time.

New boss Valerie Hughes D'Aeth certainly believed in appraisals when she was at construction giant Amey, as her slide from 2012 shows.

"Certain of completion and calibration" is her first problem at the BBC; capturing the details on SAP (which the BBC has re-branded Project Smart) is the second.

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