Friday, April 17, 2015


Piers Morgan has tweeted some ratings from his appearances on the ITV Good Morning Britain sofa this week...and chosen to compare them with the same week last year.

Mon: GMB 590k (16.8%) v Daybreak 490k (14.8%)
Tues: GMB 561k (16.1%) v Daybreak 426k (12.6%)
Wed: GMB 563k (15.8%) v Daybreak 429k (12.6%)

The share is probably a better judge of popularity than the raw numbers, with Easter holidays affecting 2014 and 2015 slightly differently. Daybreak in the last weeks of April 2014 was a dead duck walking, with Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly soldiering on as the GMB team prepped up for their launch on 28th April. That first show hit 800k in the overnights, with the audience dropping to 600k later in the week. So there'd be no interest in that comparison, would there ?

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