Friday, April 17, 2015


An intriguing combo - Wikileaks, Dr Who and Danny Cohen. The leaky boys have just released a range of emails and documents nicked from Sony.

If right, they reveal that the BBC is setting up an eight-year plan for Dr Who, and that timeline will probably include a feature film. Director of Television Danny Cohen has apparently briefed Andrea Wong, London-based boss of Sony Pictures. Her boss, Michael Lynton, suggested meeting the "showrunners" (currently Steven Moffatt), but Andrea reported back Danny's view that the timing was wrong - they'd already come under pressure from BBC Worldwide on the film front, and weren't happy.

Other bits - Danny thanks Michael Lynton for an introduction to Tom Rothman of Tristar Pictures. He apologies for a late email response - "just back from vacation this morning and we stick to Noreena's digital-free policy when we are away !" Let's hope he's got an effective dep lined up.

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