Thursday, April 2, 2015


There'll be at least one interested viewer of the tv election 'debate' tonight, in the village of Preston, Kent. Former Number 10 communications director Andy Coulson, still, I think, electronically tagged on Home Detention Curfew, was a champion of the first such events. He believed they were basically a Good Thing, and that 'town hall' style events played to Cameron's strengths.

Andy will be distracted before polling day - he is due to stand trial on charges of perjury in Edinburgh starting on April 21.

Meanwhile the BBC team trying to negotiate this year's deals will be puzzling over how they've ended up hosting two odd events - the Also Running Debate, and a Question Time Cameron/Miliband/Clegg special with stultifying rules on "sequential questions from the audience". After all those lunches with their old chum Craig Oliver...

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