Monday, April 27, 2015


Whatever happens in Charter Renewal, the BBC wants to spend less on collecting the licence fee. It's advertising for a "Solution Architect" (Private Eye take note), to keep an eye on what principal contractors, Capita, are proposing to change over the next three years in the various ways they encourage us to part with £145.50 p.a.

The ad reveals that last year, TV Licensing made 85m direct contacts with customers (through outbound mail, email, SMS, outbound phone calls and visits), handled over 7.5m incoming phone calls, managed a database of over 30m records and processed 163m payment transactions. In total, the process provides employment for 1,600 people, responsible for analytics, marketing, web, contact centre, back office administration, field and prosecution services, collections, offshoring, IT, funds management, print and postal services.

Hang on, did they say "offshoring" ?

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