Monday, April 20, 2015

Bottom of the garden

The Scion of Southwark, Today's Justin Webb, may be courting trouble with the planning authorities if he keeps banging on about his shed, nestled behind his Camberwell mansion.

This weekend he told Atticus in the Sunday Times he's regularly sleeping there."It’s really hard getting a bit of shut-eye if you go to bed early in our house, but if I head out to my garden shed at 9pm, I can get at least a guaranteed six or so hours’ sleep. That’s the only way of doing it if you’ve got teenage kids.”

As well as a sofabed and shower, the shed has other mod cons, as revealed in Twitter conversations last year with Janice Turner aka Victoria Peckham, of The Times and Camberwell.

Some houses in Justin's road are Grade II listed, though not his. Thus a shed may be a permitted development, but not, I fear, as living accommodation.

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