Monday, March 2, 2015

Over Intrusive

The BBC2 paranormal drama series Intruders, co-comissioned with BBC America, won't get a second series. In the UK, it was moved from its 9pm weekday slot after falling to below 500,000 viewers by episode 4, and the public records do not show how it performed in weekend outings running towards midnight.

The executive producer was Jane Tranter, who moved from her BBC UK drama role to LA for BBC Worldwide. Another of her babies, Da Vinci's Demons, is doing better, and about to launch a third series. In the States it goes out on the Starz [sic] channel. In the UK, it airs on Fox.   Fox attracts around 0.4% of UK viewing a week, so one presumes that includes all of the Welsh BAFTA jury, who awarded Da Vinci's male lead Tom Riley their best actor award. But then, it is Made In Wales.
  • BBC DG Lord Hall is today expected to warn that a diminished Corporation will lead to  
  • "a UK dominated by global gatekeepers and American taste-makers". Presumably the US taste-makers who co-funded not just Intruders, but Orphan Black, The Musketeers, Ripper Street, The Tudors - and, yes, Wolf Hall.

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