Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brave faces

It may just be me, but both and seem to be be down. Other agencies are still selling tickets for Belfast, starting 22 May. is soldiering on, with this update....

The DG's statement confirmed that the BBC will work to renew Top Gear TV for 2016, and of course we'll bring you any news on that front as soon as we have it. Hall also stated that the BBC will look into how it can put out the remaining programmes from the current series.

In the meantime, will continue to bring you the sharpest, funniest automotive coverage, the biggest exclusives and the oddest road trips. Right now, there's more astonishing stuff going on in the world of cars than ever before, and we reckon you deserve to know about it. 

That isn't to underestimate the incalculable contribution of JC to making Top Gear what it is. He's a big, big hole to fill, and the team you've trusted to make the world's greatest motoring show will be figuring out over the coming months exactly how to do that. 

And, while we're here, we'd also like to take this chance to give a shout out to our colleagues in Top Gear TV's brilliant production team, who are unquestionably the most talented in the business. So go for it. The comments are open and we're listening.

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