Thursday, February 5, 2015

That condor moment

While I'm on, some reflections on the BBC losing live tv coverage of The Open to Sky. Sky, under Jeremy Darroch, seem to know what they're about, and will have done their sums.  They've promised to limit ads to four, separate, minutes per hour, offer the coverage through NOW tv, to be paid for daily or over the tournament, and "innovate" in camera-work and such.

For the BBC, last year's tv coverage peaked at 5.5m on the final day, Sunday, with an average audience of 2.85m. Over the four days, The Open reached 13m viewers. Cumulatively, a prime-time highlights show each day might deliver half of that figure. The costs avoided, of one of the most complex and labour-intensive outside broadcasts around, will be substantial. And Peter Alliss, rising 84 this month, may have to find his own way out of the commentary booth.

According to YouGov, most golf fans are ABC1, 60+, shop at Marks & Spencer, wear Ralph Lauren and drive BMWs. Oh, and they're already Sky subscribers.

PS. The BBC still has radio rights, on 5Live.

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