Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Maybe the petition to save BBC3 as a broadcast network can work. 271,000 signatures is not bad, but the organisers will need more follow-up work.

In the campaign to save 6Music there were a number of different petitions - the Facebook group opposed to closure grew to 180,000 members, and there were 63,000 signatures on a joint petition on 6Music and The Asian Network.

The Trust was swayed by "significant public support" for 6Music; 78% of nearly 50,000 online responses to a consultation on the BBC's future focused on 6 Music; The Trust also received more than 25,000 emails and nearly 250 letters about the station, most opposed to the axe.

  • The Trust's report on their deliberations makes no mention of a nice cushion received through the post, neatly cross-stitched with the legend "Save 6 Music", though I'm sure it had some impact. 

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