Monday, February 9, 2015


See what you've done now, Rupert Brun ?

It is a long standing BBC tradition that when staff in London complain about some minor deprivation, those slaving away outside the M25 line-up, a la Monty Python, to better it. The price of coffee, lack of photocopiers, dodgy lifts are all old favourites for this competitive complaining.

So it was pretty inevitable that, when Rupe complained about having to walk some distance to find a working toilet in Broadcasting House, more whinges would follow.

And, yes, the first is from technology again. Andy Jones, Principal Technologist, BBC Academy, Wood Norton, says his block, where 30 people usually work, is served by one urinal and one lavatory for men - and a visit means a trip outside. The cistern is apparently the subject of a long-running-but-not-yet-completed-replacement project.

Andy, if a little cuter, could probably pop into the adjacent Wood Norton Hotel, boasting four stars, once owned by the BBC.  It has also long been rumoured that there is a bunker on site, which ought to have more resilient plumbing.

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