Friday, February 27, 2015

Happening guy

Andy is an accomplished senior manager who makes the important things happen, not just the urgent. A storyteller at heart with seventeen years experience in BBC news and current affairs, he has spent over a decade combining his extensive operational business experience with large-scale transformation and troubleshooting assignments....A charismatic leader and operational manager.

Little self-doubt (and why should there be ?), in the CV of Andy Conroy, who, I'm guessing, follows Matthew Postgate as a boss of BBC Research and Development without a formal academic qualification in the sciences.

Andy first worked for Auntie as a weekend volunteer at Radio Lancashire, and, after Emmanuel College, Cambridge, formally joined local radio in Birmingham.  Then he became Production Director for the ill-fated A spell away from the BBC followed, with work on Wisden Online and interactive games for OpenTV, before a return to the bosom running online activities for Drama, Entertainment and Children's (prop Alan Yentob).  He was promoted to head of the Future Media Portfolio, and claims credit for delivery of iPlayer Beta (was that the one that worked ?).

From there he became part of the BBC Worldwide acquisition of Lonely Planet. Then back to public service stuff with BBC Online, minding the Red Button, finally rising to Chief Operating Officer, BBC Future Media.

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