Friday, February 20, 2015


Two things to get off my chest. Apparently EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell is officially a "hero" for a drawn-out, unremittingly nasty soap opera story-line, played out largely before the watershed, which ends with a child murderer. Remind me where that fits with the BBC's values, would you ?  Isn't there gruesome enough stuff on the news ?  Shall we model parents' conversations with children about all this ?

Second, my old English teacher hated the word "get". Ugly, and always replaceable with something more elegant, he said. Get Creative follows Get Inspired follows Get In follows the now-lapsed Get Writing.


  1. Very well said and as anyone who tries to complain about the likes of Eastenders to the BBC knows, they will receive a reply that translates as "Get lost".

  2. Bill you are so right but if they will not take notice of a distinguished commentator such as yourself then all is lost.


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