Monday, February 2, 2015

Gan adael

BBC producer Meirion Jones, the other half of the Never-Run-Newsnight-Savile-Film with reporter Liz McKean, has tweeted that he's leaving Auntie in the next few weeks, "looking forward to new opportunities".  He formally left Panorama a year ago, though his work on Mazher Mahmood, the "Fake Sheikh", went out in November; he seems to have been on the books of BBC Worldwide since then.

Meirion studied law and history at Cardiff University, taking a sabbatical in 1980 to become the first-paid editor of weekly student newspaper Gair Rhydd ('Free Word'). He went on to freelance for the New Scientist and Guardian before joining the BBC. After spells on PM and Today, he moved to tv, spending a total of 17 years with Newsnight.

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