Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Norman conquest

Nobody should boo the BBC's Norman Smith. But I think some are missing a point in explaining the heckling he got at Miliband's presser yesterday. Here's Norman's question:

"Mr Miliband, you’ve attacked the Tories for going negative in this campaign already over this publication of a dossier about your spending commitments. But haven’t you gone negative over the NHS because you say it would be unrecognisable in five years’ time, and yet Mr Cameron has pledged to ring fence the NHS budget, an extra £2billion has been promised and there has been no winter crisis. So aren’t you scaremongering... "

At that point shouts of "Pillock" and "Go back to London" were heard from the assembled claque. I think it was really about Norman's assertion that there's no winter crisis in the NHS; Labour will work hard at proving there is an unreported story here, and Jeremy Hunt is trying to keep a lid on a very tight situation.

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