Friday, December 12, 2014

Deceptive ?

Never mind the content - over the past four years, Nigel Farage has now made more appearances on a Question Time panel than any other individual. This makes it very hard to unpick a perception right round the country that the BBC is in some way in thrall to UKIP and its leader.  Could someone provide me with the arguments to contradict that ?


  1. I rather think the BBC is in thrall to the left wing loonies who appear in the audience on every edition and they know fine well same loonies will subject Farage to a barrage of abuse. This, the BBC, will make Farage and UKIP less desirable in the eyes of the general public but from what I read and hear it has the opposite effect. After all, how many people really hold the views of the purple haired harridan on Thursday's programme. SWP member, I believe, and in the BBC's mindset such views will well outnumber the views of UKIP members.

  2. Sorry, should be: "This, the BBC mindset believes, will make Farage ..."
    [How do you edit posts?]


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