Wednesday, November 26, 2014


An (the ?) Intruders fan has pointed me to its new slot. 2245hrs local on Saturday nights, BBC2, for the remaining four episodes. Ratings for that time of night are not usually shared on the various websites with an interest in these matters (cf Newsnight). Intruders last outing at 9pm attracted just 472k viewers.  Guardian blogger Graeme Virtue offers an explanation from tv history.

Meanwhile Panorama returned to its 8.30pm Monday slot this week, and scored 2.15m viewers, 9.1% share. That's below the 2.37m average for 2014, but hearteningly, just above the repeat of panel show Room 101, which replaced the current affairs warhorse the previous week.

The programme is promoting past episodes on iPlayer, but a check on the YouGov Profiler for Panorama suggests Auntie may be pushing uphill. Their take on the typical viewer - male, over 60, from the West Country, who chooses comfort over style when buying clothes (at M&S) and whose favourite personalities are Kirsty Young, Danny DeVito and John Simpson.

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