Friday, November 28, 2014

Going native

There are two or three takes on "native advertising". One, it's a legitimate form of journalism - editorial content you would like to put out there anyway, but sponsored, and clearly displayed as such so that the reader/audience is in no doubt they're being sold something, if only the reputation of the funder. Two, they are plain old adverts, but created in the same form as the other content the audience has come to consume, and they won't really notice. Three, they are the biggest growth market in new media advertising over the next couple of years.

Good old Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Worldwide and Global Director, is on the bandwagon, looking for a "Native Editor" for BBC content aimed at Asia, though based in London. That part of the world has longer experience of entertaining journalistic practices, with a history certainly in the Indian sub-continent of newspapers accepting and seeking paid-for content and photos.

You may be called 'editor', but the job spec also requires writing - "to write features when appropriate on a range of topics and to BBC editorial standards.".   It's graded SENEX, which is as clear as mud.

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